Freedom is the state of not being under the control of another. Many leaders in the church are not truly free. As a result, many of the people in our churches are not truly free either. And we’ve not even gotten to the people outside of the church, who are still in bondage to so … Read more


We all face battles in our lives. As regular readers will know, I often begin these daily devotionals with an illustration designed to lay the groundwork for the points that follow. I confess that my first thought when I selected this topic for today was to search for the phrase “overwhelming military victories” and find … Read more


The previous lives of the children of light form a list of disgusting attributes. Sexually immoral folk who took unfair advantage of the weak. People who made idols out of anything they loved; from jobs, to riches, to physical pleasures, to 1001 other things. Adulterers who abandoned their marriage vows, and often their families. Men … Read more

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