CEEC.CHURCH and CCAC Announce Inter-Communion


Today the Continuing Evangelical Episcopal Communion and the US-based Communion of the Convergence Anglican Church announced that they have concluded a Concordat of Inter-Communion in order to develop greater partnerships for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Bishop Joe Butler, Primate of the Communion of the Convergence Anglican Church, spoke about how pleased he was that the two communions could formalize the relationship between us.

“We’ve always been good friends with the CEEC.CHURCH. Over the past seven months we’ve worked diligently to answer the necessary questions and agree upon foundational issues so that we are able to enter into this Concordat with full and joyfyl hearts.”

CEEC.CHURCH General Secretary Abp Robert Gosselin informed the Abp John Sathiyakumar, Bishop Primate for the Communion. Bishop John expressed great delight at the visible marks of unity in the Body of Christ.

Bishop Robert said, “We’ve always been about unity. We make it clear that we will partner with anyone who will partner with us to preach the undiluted and unpolluted Gospel of Jesus Christ. The CCAC is much more than a partner, especially now that we have established this inter-communion Concordat.”

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