Evangelism Report – Diabio and Naandi, South Sudan

By Canon Gabriel Mathew and the Evangelism Team (April 20, 2020)

We are pleased to provide these photos of the outreach to Diabio and Naandi.

The team arrived on Friday, and prepared for a weekend of meetings with community leaders, prospective church members and local people from the area.

Anticipation of time for Jesus Film video showing, while taking ☕ coffee ☺️☺️?

We are also looking to plant a church in the town of Naandi. This town is about 16km west of Diabio. There is a road that connects the two and would make a work there easier, so the town is within our reach.

When the Gospel of Jesus Christ came to South Sudan about 100 years ago, it entered from the South and proceeded to the north. Situations at the time caused the stop of missionaries, and this area was the farthest north they were able to preach about Jesus.

As such, we are entering territory largely unreached.

We need to pray …..

For the teams who will come to this area and finish the task of the Great Commission. They will face great hardship and challenges.

But also for the people who will respond to the message of the Gospel, that we can disciple them into a strong and fruitful church. Disciples who will make other disciples.

Canon Gabriel Mathew

Elders ….

and one new CEEC.CHURCH member

at Naandi the proposed and targeted area for evangelization.

Let’s pray for the lost souls
in Naandi to get saved.

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