COVID-19 Ministry (8 April)

The Continuing Communion received over $1600 in donations dedicated to helping alleviate pain and suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. Here is a brief summary of how funds were distributed and the impact it had.

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Bishop Daniel A.M. Ghansah reports that they were able to use funds to distribute rice to about 30 families who were in desperate need.

Deacon Aaron Eime serves as Deacon of Christ Church in Jerusalem. He reports that the CEEC.CHURCH’s donation to the Mercy Fund of Christ Church will help those who “fall between the cracks” in Israel and can’t get help from the government or other NGOs. The Mercy Fund is the hands and feet of Christ to them.

A woman begs outside the Old City Walls near the Jaffa Gate. Photo by Albert Ter Harmsel via Flickr

Bishop George Odhiambo from the Diocese of Kenya reports that food was purchased for distribution.

Pastor Elijah Bwogi, one of our partners in Uganda, reports that maize flower and other food items were purchased.

In Pakistan, Bishop Hizkiel Bhatti reports food distribution took place at Toba Diocese by Rev. Shamaun, Rev. Javed and their team, under the supervision of Bishop Hizkiel and Bishop Sardar Masih

Bishop Misael Carmenates
from the Benedictine Monastery and Order in Miami reports that they continue to cook and deliver food to the homeless population.

Bishop Jorge Garcia in Mexico distributed food, soft drinks, water and cookies in 6 little chapels of the garbage dumps of the State of Mexico

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