One thing I learned in the US Marines was this – it doesn’t always matter HOW BIG your team is. What matters is WHO is on your team, their level of commitment, training and determination. One of the symbols of the Marine Corps is a snarling bulldog. The bulldog is not the largest of canines, … Read more


I’ve just come from a delightful international conversation about death and fear. When one considers the words “death” and “fear” together, the word “delightful” doesn’t typically make it into the sentence, does it! But this was a conversation that followed a worship service. Though based in the UK, it was also attended by folk from … Read more


In my personal devotional time this morning I read about one of the great acts of faith  in the Bible – Gideon’s battle against the massive armies of  the Midianites, the Amalekites and all of the sons of the east. You’re probably aware of the story. In order to keep the nation of Israel in … Read more

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